Health, wealth and happiness from a house in Phuket, Thailand?

March 2nd, 2012

My friend won’t rent an office or buy a house until he’s checked this.

And one of my favourite sportsmen, Sir Geoffrey Boycott, swears it helped cure him of cancer:

“People who don’t know anything about it say it is rubbish, but it worked for me – I’m alive!”, he said.

What was he talking about?

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui.

You might be sceptical. But these are intelligent people.

Geoffrey is still going strong at 72 and my friend is extremely wealthy.

So shouldn’t you at least consider it before you buy your next home?

The developer of the Vista del Mar in Phuket, Thailand claims his villas have perfect feng shui.

I’m no expert, so let’s have a look at some of the most important aspects of this ancient art…

1. Your house needs to have plenty of space around it, so clean, positive energy (chi) can flow into your home.

Plots at Vista del Mar are 400m2 to 810m2 with at least 10 metres between each villa, often more.

They have perfect Ming Tang - an open sea view at the front and mountain at the back.

Vista del Mar, Phuket, Thailand - Exterior

2. The entrance to your home is essential.

That is because all the energy of your home comes through the front door.

Vista del Mar has wide doorways to help positive energy flow into the villa.

There are water features on either side of the entrance, to create a stronger energy flow into the house.

3. Your garden should be neat and tidy, but you should also have some natural areas with wild plants and vines.

It is important to have the five elements of feng shui; water, wood, fire, earth and metal, in the garden.

Vista del Mar use plenty of strong plants, such as bamboo, to bring youth, perseverance and good luck and Happiness for prosperity.

They also include a barbecue; it represents both fire and metal. It is also pretty handy when you are entertaining friends.

In feng shui, the inside of your home is just as important as the outside.

The direction the room’s face, where you put your furniture and even the smallest decoration can all have a huge effect on your well-being.

4. Your kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house. It provides nourishment and helps bring wealth and prosperity.

The kitchens at Vista del Mar are simple and uncluttered.

Appliances are built-in, leaving worktops free and they have good lighting, to prevent accidents.

The hob is on a central island, so wherever you are in the kitchen you can see people as they come in.

Vista del Mar, Phuket, Thailand - Living and Kitchen

5. Your bedroom is where you relax and sleep.

In feng shui, a well-designed bedroom can trap positive energy and bring prosperity and friendly relationships.

At Vista del Mar it is next to the living room, the best place according to feng shui.

The developer has made sure the bed does not face the door.

That would be the ‘death position’ - referring to the way you are carried out of the room when you die. Obviously that would be very bad feng shui.

Vista del Mar bedrooms face west. They get the relaxing rays of the setting sun, helping you get a good night’s sleep.

The room is decorated in light, soft colours with white walls and floors. The wardrobes are natural wood.

The developer made sure there are no sharp objects pointing directly at the bed. These are known as ‘poison arrows’ in feng shui and are very bad luck.

6. Your bathroom is the room that creates wealth.

It should be clean and uncluttered, and have good natural light.

Here, Vista del Mar have a unique solution - a sky light under the Jacuzzi.

There are also large windows, to let in as much light as possible.

The Jacuzzi in the master suite adds energy and promotes a feeling of well-being, the very essence of feng shui.

Of course, there are many other things to consider, such as the direction your home faces and your own ‘lucky’ areas of the house.

The best thing is, at Vista del Mar they will custom design your home, so it matches your personal feng shui and with any luck bring plenty of health, wealth and happiness.

If you would like to know more about Vista del Mar, just drop me an email and I’ll send you all the info.

Or if you are in Phuket and you’d like to have a look yourself simply give me a call.

(C) OVGM Jan 2012

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Rambo’s impossible hangover on Surin Beach in Phuket, Thailand

February 28th, 2012

There was a big commotion at Surin Beach in Phuket last week.

Lighting stands, cameras, film crew and two huge trucks almost blocking the main road.

What was going on?

There was a big commotion at Surin Beach yesterday.

Lighting stands, cameras, film crew and 2 huge trucks almost blocking the main road.

What was going on?

Sadly, I have no idea.

Everyone I asked was being very secretive.

But it looked suspiciously like a Hollywood movie shoot.

More and more big-budget films are being shot in Phuket, Thailand these days.

Since Leonardo de Caprio filmed “The Beach” on Koh Phi Phi, we’ve had “The Impossible”, “Rambo IV” and “The Hangover Part 2″.

And there have been rumours Angelina Jolie will be filming in Phuket soon.

So maybe she’s here already?

If so, I’m not surprised the producers chose Surin Beach.

It’s always been popular with ‘A’ Listers.

Some of them own villas at the Amanpuri, where properties have price tags over US$ 10,000,000.

And there is a long waiting list of eager buyers.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to be a movie star to own a property in Surin.

At 6,000,000 Baht (US$ 194,238) - this brand-new 1-bed condo is a really good buy

It even has an ocean view…

1 bedroom condominium in Surin, Phuket

Plus, you can spread half the cost over 3 years.

But I only have 2 left at this price and they will go fast.

If you need something a bit bigger - this 2-bed condo on Surin’s beach road may fit the bill…

2 bedroom condominium in a Surin, Phuket resort

It’s in a 5-star resort with communal pool, restaurant and bar.

The beach is just 100 metres away.

And at 15,900,000 Baht (US$ 514,730) you’ll get a good return on your investment.

Or maybe you’d prefer an ocean view villa?

This 4-bedroom place is on the market for 72,000,000 Baht (US$ 2,330,000)…

4 bedroom ocean view villa in Surin, Phuket, Thailand

It’s on one of Surin’s top estates and has a living area over 800m2.

If you are coming to Phuket and want to look at some property, why not send me an email or give me a call?

I don’t bite and people do say I’m “not full of crap like most estate agents”.



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“A” room in Phuket with a view (but not the one you want)…

January 31st, 2012

My clients staying at the 5-star Amanpuri in Phuket’s Surin Beach were a bit disappointed…

“We paid for an ocean view, not a super yacht view.”

I was a bit confused, until I saw this huge boat right outside the resort…

Andrey Melnicheko - super yacht It is so big you can hardly see the ocean.

And it’s been hanging around Phuket for the last few weeks.

So I did a little digging to see what I could find out…

The owner of this 394-foot (120 metres) super yacht is Russian Andrey Melnichenko.

He’s a 38-year-old banking, steel and fertiliser oligarch.

He calls the boat “A” - after himself and his supermodel wife Aleksandra.

The yacht was designed by Philippe Starke who said; “This boat has elegance and intelligence, it is not trying to show the money”.

I’m not so sure about that…

According to reports, the interior is fitted with Baccarat-crystal tables, floor-to-ceiling mirrors and polished silver.

The walls of one room are covered in white stingray hides, while another is covered in hand-stitched calf leather.

Over the top? You decide.

At the top of a spiral staircase lined with silver-leaf walls is a door, accessible only by a fingerprint security system.

If your fingerprint matches, it opens up a 240m2 master-suite wrapped in bomb-proof, 44-millimetre glass.

There’s a king-sized bed on a giant base that rotates at the touch of a silver button.

And another button rotates the bed itself.


The combination of the rotating bed and the rotating base gives you limitless angles to watch the sunset, sunrise or the 60-inch plasma TV - which drops-down from the ceiling.

The boat was completed in 2008 at a cost of over US$ 300 million.

You’ll have to pay more than US$ 500,000 just to fill its fuel tanks.

And the vessel costs more than US$ 20 million a year to maintain.

I can think of a few properties with a great ocean view that will set you back far less…

What about a 2-bedroom oceanfront condo on Bangtao Beach?

It is just minutes from where this super yacht is moored.

You get views of Bangtao Bay and across to Trisara (a resort popular with celebrities).

The seller is asking 30,000,000 Baht (US$ 951,780)

That’s less than 2 tanks of fuel.

And he is open to offers.

Or what about an ocean front villa in Kamala?

It’s a little more pricey at 75,000,000 Baht (US$ 2,379,000).

But it is larger, with a 577m2 interior and 3 en-suite bedrooms.

It’s also part of a 5-star hotel.

So you have the option to rent when you are not there.

If you don’t want to spend quite as much…

What about a freehold, oceanfront condo for 6,900,000 Baht (US$ 218,909)?

It is 87m2 and has excellent views of Patong Bay.

It is cheap because needs a little renovation.

But if you are looking for oceanfront in Patong it’s a bargain.

If you are coming to Phuket and want to see some property, why not send me an email or give me a call?

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Happy New Year - Phuket starts 2012 with a bang!

January 12th, 2012

2012 in Phuket certainly kicked off with a bang.

This is a photo taken from my terrace just after midnight…

During the holidays I’ve been stuffing myself with turkey, pork pie (a Yorkshire tradition) and lots of chocolate.

But being a bit of a workaholic, I couldn’t resist keeping an eye open for the best property deals.

If you are looking for an investment property, this one may interest you…

A developer in Patong is offering condos with a 6 per cent rental return, guaranteed for 6 years.

That’s 6 per cent net - there is nothing else to pay; no common area fees, no management fees, no sinking fund, no taxes - nothing at all.

Prices start at 7,493,693 Baht (US$ 237,445) for a one-bedroom apartment with private pool.

And you get a sea view from the upper floor.

If you’d like to know more just send me an email or give me a call.

The third phase of a very popular condo development has just launched in Surin Beach.

It is less than 50m into the town and only 200m to the beach.

But there are only 16 available and they are selling fast.

So you need to be quick if this one tickles your fancy.

Prices start at 3,500,000 Baht (US$ 110,901).

The completion date is December 2012, so you could be spending your next New Year’s Eve in Phuket.

If you are interested – email me and I’ll send you all the info.

On the sales front…

One of my clients snapped up a fabulous one-bedroom sea view apartment - reduced from 4,750,000 Baht (US$ 150,508) to 3,200,000 Baht (US$ 101,395).

They saved themselves 1,550,000 Baht (US$ 49,113), 32.6%.

If you want to know about bargains like this - just email me saying ‘Insider’.

You will get to hear about all the best deals before anyone else.

And wherever you are in the world I would like to wish you a happy, healthy and wealthy 2012.

I look forward to seeing you in Phuket soon.

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Phuket property: A Rottweiler at the gates to the Garden of Eden…

December 9th, 2011

Well, not quite. The ‘Rottweiler’ in question is a security guard. And he really is quite fierce - although I’m pretty sure he’s human.

No matter how many times I visit this estate near Layan Beach in Phuket, Thailand he always demands to see my ID. Then he’ll spend ages suspiciously comparing my face to my photo. But he is only doing his job - and pretty well too.

After all, you don’t want some slob who barely looks up from his newspaper before he lets people into your home. I was going to include his photo but I chickened-out of asking him. He really is quite scary.

Anyway, eventually he opened the heavy, wrought-iron gates and let me into ‘The Garden of Eden’…

The Garden of Eden

Again, not really. But this 5-bedroom Thai style villa does have the best garden I’ve ever seen on the West Coast of Phuket. At 4,000m2 it’s one of the biggest too. All immaculately landscaped with tropical plants and trees. It’s so well-done you can’t even see another house.

Steps lead you from ‘Eden’ up to the infinity-edge swimming pool…

The pool and Thai sala

With its massive sun terrace and Thai sala - this is the main entertainment zone of the house. It is ideal for throwing parties - especially if you have a chef. Because next to the pool is an open-kitchen with a BBQ, an oven and a hob. There’s also an air-conditioned games room with a pool table and dart-board.

The master suite is on this floor too. Its large dressing-room has fitted wardrobes with ornately carved wooden doors. The bathroom has a walk-in shower, twin wash basins and a bathtub. And there is a private living room (with built-in book cases) which would make an ideal study.

The main living area is on the next floor up. Here you’ll find a large living room, separate dining room and a family-sized, fully-fitted kitchen. Outside is a huge covered terrace which feels a bit colonial thanks to the wicker sofas and armchairs.

On the top floor are 4 en-suite guest bedrooms in 2 separate pavilions. All the bathrooms have walk-in showers and bathtubs. And there is enough wardrobe space to keep Imelda Marcos happy.

Make no mistake - this is a big house. It is 670m2 inside and a whopping 1,100m2 outside. And because it’s on 3 levels, there is plenty of privacy for everyone.

The villa is on a secure private estate - just a 5 minute drive to Layan Beach. You can even walk it if you are feeling energetic.

The only down-side? It doesn’t have an ocean view. But if peace, quiet and a beautiful garden are more important to you - this might be right up your street. You’ll also have some dramatic mountain views.

How much is it? The sellers are asking 54,995,000 Baht (US$ 1,780,000).That’s much less than you would pay for the same villa with an ocean view. But they are very keen to sell and will consider all reasonable offers. In fact, I know they will take a LOT LESS than that.

If you’d like to know more – drop me an email and I’ll send you everything you need (no obligation).

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